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A quick search for marriage records containing a particular surname will reveal the number of records contained in each county in the Joiner Marriage Index and in how many parishes for both grooms and brides. When that surname is found in the marriage records for a county there is also a guide as to the surnames in that county found using the Soundex algorithm on the original. A further search may then be carried out on an alternative and eventually refined, either throughout an individual county or even down to an individual parish.

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Results for the surname Lithgoe (Soundex code L320)


1 marriage records in 1 parishes in cheshire

Soundex alternatives : Leeds Letts Lithgoe Lithgow Lutas Lythgo Lythgoe

4 marriage records in 4 parishes in durham

Soundex alternatives : Leatch Leitch Litch Lithcoe Lithgo Lithgoe Lithgow Lodg Lodge Loidge Loodg Loodge Ludg Ludge

1 marriage records in 1 parishes in nottinghamshire

Soundex alternatives : Ladds Leades Leeds Lethwicke Lithgoe Lithgow Loades Loads Lodge

2 marriage records in 1 parishes in shropshire

Soundex alternatives : Lithgoe Lodge Lodwick Lutwich Lutwiche Lutwyche Lythgoe

2 marriage records in 2 parishes in staffordshire

Soundex alternatives : Lithgoe Lithgow


1 marriage records in 1 parishes in durham

Soundex alternatives : Latus Letch Liddes Lithco Lithcoe Lithgo Lithgoe Lithgow Loades Lodg Lodge Lodggi Loodge Loudge Ludg

1 marriage records in 1 parishes in northumberland

Soundex alternatives : Leatch Leeds Leitch Lithco Lithgo Lithgoe Lithgow Lodge Lodwick Lythgo

1 marriage records in 1 parishes in north riding of yorkshire

Soundex alternatives : Leedes Leeds Lithgo Lithgoe Lodge Lottas Ludg Lythgoe

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